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Its narrow and sloping streets and its buildings make La Vilella Baixa a singular place worth visiting.

The steep slope of the hill where the village is located make it difficult to build houses. There are many eight-storey buildings with the main door in the fourth or even fifth floor. In the book Viatge al Priorat writer Josep Mª Espinàs calls these buildings 'the skyscrapers of El Priorat'.

'Locked street'

'Locked street' , located on top of a slope, is the most characteristic spot in town.

The parish church

The parish church worships Sant Joan Baptista and dates from the 18th century and belongs to the bishopric of Tortosa.

Romanesque bridge

A Romanesque bridge with three spans makes its way through the two rivers

Not long ago, many sodium lights were installed in town which makes it possible to admire la Vilella even at night.

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